Amidst the Rising Shadows

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Amidst the Rising Shadows – Book Three of the Safanarion Order

With worlds between them, a band of heroes must stem the tide of evil…

Aaron Jace is a prisoner of war. Captive on the Hythariam home world that's destined for destruction, there's little chance that Aaron can return to protect Safanar.

When rebellion breaks out in Khamearra, Sarah must abandon her quest to reach Aaron to help free her people. It seems an impossible task against High King Amorak who can strike anywhere, anytime, and without warning.

As the Free Nations Army desperately prepares for war against Amorak and a ruthless invasion force determined to enslave them all, Sarah and Aaron's companions may be the only hope to keep the people of Safanar alive. Loyalties and friendships will be strained to the breaking point, as a fragile alliance of nations may be all that keeps the world from tearing apart.

Amidst the Rising Shadows is the third installment in the Safanarion Order, a not-so-traditional fantasy series that fans are calling a true epic in the making. Readers should anticipate heart-pounding action, an innovative plot, and breakneck pacing that keeps the pages turning. Author Ken Lozito's series is a winner for fantasy lovers.

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