About Me


KenI was born in Lindenhurst, New York in early 1974, where I grew up and didn't leave until I headed to college in North Carolina at UNCG. I've always liked making up stories whether I was a Viper pilot serving on board the Battlestar Galactica or a Jedi Knight in Star Wars, the stories were always with me.

A good friend of mine introduced me to Piers Anthony's Adept series and later on, Xanth. From then on I was hooked on Fantasy and Science Fiction. I quickly burned through the Science Fiction and Fantasy section of the public library, so I just started buying books on my own. Back then it wasn't unheard of for an eleven-year-old to have a paper route. Many of the books I bought back then I still have and chuckle at the price on the cover that says $3.95 (Split Infinity).

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 9.32.11 PMIn Middle School I started writing short stories on my Commodore 64. I must have made an impression on my parents because in High School they upgraded me to a brother word processor that had one of those two-inch screens. (Not the exact model on the left but close enough.) The nice feature that the brother word processor had was spell check, which would beep whenever a word was spelled wrong, but since I lost the dictionary disk I had to arm myself with the good old Webster's Dictionary. The added bonus was that my grades improved.

Writing Habits and Musings:

In High School, I was a night owl and would prefer writing late at night when the muse would strike. One night I got spoked by something…probably a lack of sleep, but Tarimus was born along with the idea of a demon sentinel sent from another world to not just attack my protagonist Aaron, but to awaken the power within.

On and off over the years and after college, I would pick away at this story that became the Road To Shandara. As a kid, I wanted to travel to one of those far off lands and have a great adventure and that thirst hasn't left me. I love reading books as much as I love writing and since the world of Safanar exists only in my dreams, writing the stories of such a wondrous world is not a bad outlet.

Science Fiction came much later to me in life. A friend of mine lent me his copy of Off Armageddon's Reef by David Weber and BOOM! I was hooked. I tore through the Dahak series and later the Honor Harrington series. I also loved shows like Stargate SG1, Atlantis, and Universe. (I still miss SGU!) Overall, I'm just a fan of really good stories regardless of genre. I love the heroic tales, redemption stories, the last stand, or just a good old fashion adventure. Those are the types of stories that I like to write.


Early 2013 I dusted off the bones of The Road To Shandara when one night my two boys were giving a good display of their youthful vigor and enthusiasm at the dinner table. To restore order and peace I started telling them Aaron's Tale and it was their enthusiasm and the constant “Tell us more Dad.” That lead me to improve my craft and finish this book and many more.

I write almost every day and meet my minimum word count goal embracing the motto that if you collect enough pennies you will eventually have a dollar and so on….

If you have any questions or comments about the series or writing please don't hesitate to contact me.