The Safanarion Order Series

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Road To Shandara

Sometimes it’s the wanderers that blaze a path through the darkest night.

Aaron Jace had a normal life until they came for him. Now he’s being hunted. Assassins will stop at nothing to find him. Aaron is from Earth, his family is not. He is the last scion of an ancient and powerful family. Thrust into another world, Aaron must find his way to the one man who can help him survive.




Echoes of a Gloried Past

To protect his world and his one true love, a hero must become a savior…

Aaron Jace barely survived his last encounter with the Drake, a ruthless technological advancement constructed to murder the Alenzar'seth, the Lords of Shandara. Sarah, the woman he loves, has been kidnapped by the deadly machine, and Aaron's closest allies suggest he abandon all hope of ever seeing her again.





Amidst the Rising Shadows

With worlds between them, a band of heroes must stem the tide of evil.

Aaron Jace is a prisoner of war. Captive on the Hythariam home world that's destined for destruction, there's little chance that Aaron can return to protect Safanar.





When rebellion breaks out in Khamearra, Sarah must abandon her quest to reach Aaron to help free her people. It seems an impossible task against High King Amorak who can strike anywhere, anytime, and without warning.

Heir to Shandara

3D book_2Two warriors separated by time must sacrifice everything to preserve Safanar.

Aaron and Sarah have defeated the High King, but the danger of war is far from over. As they relentlessly hunt down rogue Elitesman strongholds, they know General Halcylon and the Zekara won't stay in hiding for long. Battles of terrifying proportion are imminent, and it will take the combined forces of all the kingdoms to stop the Hythariam army. Little do they know that their actions could have disastrous and apocalyptic consequences. 





The Warden's Oath

Warden's Oath 6
When Braden sets off to help free his friends who are being held prisoner by the Elitesmen, he ends up fighting for all their lives. To face an Elitesman in combat is to invite death, and now he must sneak into the Order’s stronghold, the Citadel of the Elite. His companions are an old Elitesman, who himself has been on the run from the Order longer than Braden has been alive, and a district captain.