The Star Alliance


Book Three of the Ascension Seriesstaralliance_ebook-web-SM

Held prisoner by a vicious alien whose race is determined to conquer the galaxy, Zack wakes to find that he is cut off from everything. Zack must figure out a way to escape his captors and a prison full of dangerous aliens to get back to his ship. Did his friends even know he was still alive?

Kaylan commands the Athena, Earth’s most advanced spaceship. The crew is far from home and caught in an intergalactic war. The Boxans demand that they leave the star system, Xiiginn warships are hunting them, and the Athena is hopelessly outclassed. Kaylan must choose between leaving Zack to his fate or risk the lives of the crew for the slim chance of rescuing him.   

Kladomaor can’t let the Humans fall into the hands of the Xiiginns. The Boxans have been at war with the Xiiginns for years and they were losing. The Humans might be the key to their salvation, but only if he can bring them before the High Council and convince them to protect Earth. Their stealth ship is no match for the Xiiginn warships hunting them and if he can’t get the Humans to leave soon they would all be doomed.

Star Alliance is the third book in an action packed space opera series. The crew of the Athena stands upon a precipice and their next action will affect Earth for generations to come. Will humanity be the next race to be enslaved?


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16 Replies to “The Star Alliance

    • Hi Bill, Thanks I really appreciate it. There will be more books in this series. I’m planning a 4th book but won’t get to writing it until later this year.


    • Hi Ken
      I’m also desperate for the 4th book ! Absolutely loved the first three books, now gagging for the next in the series.
      I’m building 39ft sailboat and this is eating into my building time but I think I need the rest..

      Well done and thank-you from me of the sailboat ‘Doolittle’ (as I’m reading your books :-)..)

      • Hi Neil,

        Building a sailboat! Thats no small project. Well done. My dad often referred to our boat as the “money pit” 🙂 I miss living by the ocean.
        Thank you for reading the series.


  1. Ken, I reeeeeally need to read Star Alliance!😆

    Oh and thanks for creating such engaging stories!

    From just south of the Mason-Dixon line …

  2. Really enjoying the series. It’s getting better as it goes along. I would only have wished for a bigger role for other nationalities. As it is now the ISS is dependant on the Russian and European space agencies to continue operations. Soon it will be India that goes into space.

    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks for reaching out to me. I will certainly take this into consideration as the series progresses.


  3. Awesome read!!!! Can’t wait for the next book!
    You’ve proven once again why I love your books. The highs and lows all come with a reason. Keep up the great work!


  4. Thanks for a really great series so far. I cannot wait for the next ones. Ill have to check out your other books in the meantime.

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