Echoes of a Gloried Past

Echoes of a Gloried Past – Book Two of the Safanarion Order

To protect his world and his one true love, a hero must become a savior…
Aaron Jace barely survived his last encounter with the Drake, a ruthless technological advancement constructed to murder the Alenzar'seth, the Lords of Shandara. Sarah, the woman he loves, has been kidnapped by the deadly machine, and Aaron's closest allies suggest he abandon all hope of ever seeing her again.

As Aaron recovers, rumors of the Alenzar'seth's return begin to spread throughout Safanar, causing kingdoms to mobilize their armies for war. The pressure is rising, and Aaron knows the people of Safanar are all in grave danger.

Aaron has one shot to protect his love and stave off war, but it will leave him vulnerable to the cunning High King Amorak and the vile Elitesmen Order. If he fails, the world will fall and nothing can save Sarah from an irreversible transformation.

Echoes of a Gloried Past is the second installment in The Safanarion Order, an epic fantasy series that fans are calling a perfect blend of magic and technology. Expect a gripping tale with a rapid pace, detailed and realistic world-building, exquisite villains, and excitement on every page. Author Ken Lozito continues the high-octane action in the next book of his sword and sorcery series.

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7 thoughts on “Echoes of a Gloried Past

  1. Hi Ken,
    It’s been a long time since I’ve been so excited about the release of a book. I’ve just downloaded a copy on my Kindle and am tempted to take the rest of the day off work so that I can go home and read it.
    Thanks for creating such a magical world for us all to explore.

    • Hi David,

      Wow. Thank you. I really hope you enjoy it. You actually caught me. I was trying to get it uploaded and ready for Wednesday.


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