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This is the place where you will be able to find out what I’m currently working. If you've enjoyed a particular series and would like to read more stories in that series please send me a note and let me know.

What’s Next?

Writing Schedule through the end of 2017:

  • First Colony – Book 4 – In Revisions
  • Book 6 of the Ascension Series – Starting

2018 – I'm still putting together this schedule and it is subject to change.  However, if you've enjoyed a particular series and would like to read more stories in that series please send me a note. I will always consider these requests when prioritizing the stories I'm going to write.

As always, thank you for reading!


2017 – Book Releases

Haven of Shadows – February 9th 2017 – This is the 1st book in an Epic Fantasy trilogy.

Infinity's Edge – March 3rd 2017 – Book 4 of the Ascension Series

Rising Force – May 8th – Book 5 of the Ascension Series

Genesis – First Colony Book 1 – September 22

Nemesis – First Colony Book 2 – October 25th

Legacy – First Colony Book 3 – November 25th



18 Replies to “Upcoming Books

  1. Hello,
    First off I would like to say I never read books. I can’t recall the last time I read. But I was checking out Genisis- First Coloney book 1. Loved it. Mix between star trek and military. So I just finished Nemisis Book 2. I Cannot wait till I can read Legacy Book 3, then book 4 soon completion. Excellent Books.

    Can you make them in to Movies, or even better a tv series, but not on CBS All Access like Star Trek did. (I feel that was a stupid move) .

    • Hi Dameion,

      Thanks a lot I’m glad you liked the books. I’d love to see the First Colony series made into movies or a tv series it would certainly be better than the endless amounts of reboots we get these days. I think they’re rebooting Spiderman again….Just kidding I didn’t hear that.

      Thanks for reaching out to me.

  2. Ken,
    Just finished reading book 5 Couldn’t stop reading. I had a thought about the Xiiginns and a possible way for humans to avoid the Xiiginns compulsion by incorporating a miniature shroud device in their combat suits. I am sure Zack could figure out how to make it work.
    Just a thought.

    Keep up the good work.


    Bill Church

    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks. I can’t comment on how the Xiiginns will be dealt with 🙂 I can say that book 6 is going to be the next book that I will be writing. I appreciate the thoughts and thank you for reaching out to me.


  3. Looking forward to First Colony #4 and Ascension #6. Some of the best binge reading I have had in a long time, ripping through both of these series non-stop. Thank you very much! Loved both! Kudos on the web site too, so your readers know what is happening. Not all authors have such.

  4. I just finished rising force and already I can’t wait for book 6. I read the first colony books previously. All great reads, I love how the characters are fluid, have some depth, and are not forced like a lot of other scifi/space opera characters seem to be. Cant wait to read more!

  5. Thanks for your hard work. Enjoying the Ascension books right now and will move to the Colony books soon. Are these series you’ll continue to write for years, or do you have an end on mind for both or either in terms of number of books?

    • Hi Meghan,
      Thank you for your kind words. Ascension series book 6 will be the final book in that series. I’m currently finishing up the 4th book in the First Colony series and there will be a 5th book in that series. After that, I will be starting a new science fiction series.


  6. You mentioned the 6th book of Ascension series. What will be the title of the book and when is it being released?

    I’m currently starting the 5th book, probably finish it in a day or two as the series is just to good to put down considering I just started the series less than a week ago. With that in mind, want to go into the final book quickly after this one. A very good series and glad I found your work and look forward to reading more of your work.

    • Also like to add, i have only seen one author uodate what they are working on, Brandon Sanderson, and fans love him for it. Glad you do something similar.

    • Hi Jason,
      Thank you for reading the Ascension series I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’m also working on the 6th book and am planning its release in March. I don’t have an exact date yet but that is the timeframe for the 6th book.

      Thank you for taking a chance on a new author.


  7. I read both the Colony and Ascension series and I must say: I am really hyped for the sixth book on the Ascension series. Can’t wait to see how things will unfold.

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