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Welcome. This is the place where you will be able to find out what I’m currently working on and the actual progress I’m making.

What’s Next? I'm currently working on a new science fiction series that I plan on releasing in September. I'll post more on that at another time. I will be posting a fall writing schedule towards the end of the summer (US). This will include Book 6 of the Ascension series and Anvil of the Goddess – Broken Crown Trilogy book – 2.

As always, thank you for reading!

2017 – Book Releases

Haven of Shadows – February 9th 2017 – This is the 1st book in an Epic Fantasy trilogy.

Infinity's Edge – March 3rd 2017 – Book 4 of the Ascension Series

Rising Force – May 8th – Book 5 of the Ascension Series



25 Replies to “Upcoming Books

  1. About half way through the Heir of Shandara, and it’s simply amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of The Safanarion Order series and am looking forward to when/if there will be future installments to this series! Maybe a short story prequel of Verona and his gang seems like it’d be a pretty neat little story as well.

    • Hi Briggs,
      Thank you for reading the series, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Funny you should mention Verona because I’ve been thinking of doing an origin story for him for while. I had originally planed to write it last year, but pushed it back in favor of starting a new series. There will be a 5th book in the Safanarion Order series. Thanks for letting me know you’d like to see a Verona origin story it would definitely be a fun one to write.


  2. Well it took only 3 days to read all but the last book. Love this series. Action packed fantasy that seems so real I can touch it. There is magic in the world and you’ve captured it in this series. Starting the last book now. Thank you

    • Hi Janet,
      Thank you for your kind words they are very much appreciated. 3 days! That’s some fast reading.
      I hope you enjoy the 4th book as much as the others.

      • Yes, I become the book once I start reading. Finished the final book in the wee hours today. This entire series is very good. Just enough suspense, evil, greed and true heart. Since I actually practice the energetic ideas you write of, on a much smaller scale of course, I find your storytelling to be quite possible and realistic. In answer to your question, I think the series is complete as written. That said, there could be additional books on the heirs showing their adventures. By their early adulthood time travel, travel to other planets, etc would make a good follow up.

  3. Hi, just like to say. Finished book four today. Awesome! What a superb series,gripped me from the start. Great characters and superbly written. A pleasure to read. I am going to read The Wardens Oath now. I made the fatal error of trying to read it between book three and four. I was so engrossed in the rollercoaster ride the main story was taking I abandoned it in desperation to climb back on board for book four. Having been of work with four broken ribs ,your great series, took my mind of the pain. Thank you.

    • Hi Ian,

      Thank you for reaching out to me I’m glad you enjoyed the series. My first thought when I read “four broken ribs” was ouch! How are you sitting up. It sounds painful. I’ve been off my feet with broken bones before, but never the ribs. I’m glad to hear that you were able to escape your pain for a while. Get well soon.


  4. Ken,
    From the moment I picked up book one of The Safanarion Order series, I was hooked. You have a deep and engrossing world where things make sense if you can grasp the rules of how they work. I was so sucked up in your world that I was disappointed that it was over. But then I saw you had written The Star Shroud and jumped right in. I can’t get enough of how you build your world and characters. I’d rank you up there with the greats.

    • Hi Van,

      Thank you for your kind words they really mean a lot. I’m so happy you enjoyed the books and even crossed over between the two series. Would you consider taking a few moments and leave a review for any of the books? It really helps spread the word.

      Thanks again for reaching out to me.

  5. Hi Ken,

    I’ve read books one and two of the Safanarion order and I’ve loved it from the get go. I can’t wait to read the next two books. Please please tell me that you’re going to write more of this amazing series. At the moment I am currently writing my own fantasy book and after reading books like yours they inspire me even more to get it published. Thank you for your amazing words.

    • Hi Ellis,

      Thank you for your kinds words I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. I am currently planing another three books in the series that will take place a number of years in the future, so it will be a new trilogy.

      Keep writing.

  6. I read the 3 books of the Ascension Series and loved every one of them. The character development is fantastic and places these books near the top of ALL of the SF books that I have read, and I have been reading SF for over 60 years! BUT, and that is a big BUT, for all authors who write a series and do not finish the series, skipping around creating one or more series of books, I say, “I WANT CLOSURE”! Way too often the delay between the last book written and the next book to be written is extended so long that I end up never finishing the series! Take as an example, “The Ice Limit” by Preston and Child. The original book was written and read in 2000 and the sequel, mentioned in the first book, was released just this year! Do not let these series go to long before closure! Thanks

    • Hello Earl,

      Thank you, thats extremely high praise and I truly appreciate it. Having been on the receiving end of waiting for the next book in a series I understand how you feel. I’ll be putting up a release schedule soon, but I can tell you now that I’m aiming to release the fourth book in the Ascension series in early spring 2017.


  7. Ken

    Just thought I drop a quick line, have read almost all of your books now and I have to say that I have found the ascension series your best work to date. Now that I have read books 1 to 3 in a few days I now have this age old problem which is how long before we all have to wait for the next book.
    Also enjoyed the breadth of the universe where I can see plenty of scope for tie in stories which I hope to see in the future.

    • Hi Scott,

      Thank you for your kind words they’re definitely a motivator for me. The next book I’m writing will be back in the Safanarion Order universe which I’m aiming to release late this year. After that will be book 4 of the Ascension series which I’m aiming to release by March 2017.

      Best Wishes,

  8. I really enjoyed the ascension book. I really liked that there wasn’t a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo. (I don’t want to know how electricity works, just need the lights to come on when I flip the switch!)
    That being said, in my experience the books were VERY short for the price of an e-book. I am looking forward to the 4th in the series but will look at the price and number of pages this time.

    • Hi Jolee,

      I like the technical stuff if it serves the story otherwise I’ve always felt it detracts from a book. This is the second time you’ve mentioned the length vs the price. I’ve heard your opinion and appreciate you sharing it with me but I’m not going to debate what the books costs vs what their worth. For me as an author the book length is as long as the story requires. I won’t pad it with useless prose so it has the appearance of being a longer book than what it is. The points at which each story ends were good stopping points for the overall series. I sincerely hope you continue reading the series, but if you feel you’re not getting the best value then I wish you the best of luck and we part ways.

  9. Ken,
    So sorry, thought my comment didn’t go through the first time. In fact I still see only one. I wasn’t trying to offend you at all. When there are so many titles to choose from with one click, buying all three in the series to date should tell you that. It just seemed that all three could have been one book. I’ve noticed a trend in the last few years with authors publishing what is basically a group of chapters as a book. When I see that comment on the rating of a book I never buy it. I think you are to good of a storyteller to do that to. Enough said.. Good luck!

    • The comment was on the Star Alliance book page. You raise some interesting points. I can’t really comment on what other authors do. I do the same thing as you when I look for a book. I look at the length, read some of the reviews, etc. I was an avid reader long before I ever started writing. Mostly I liked reading series and one of the things that used to bother me was the lapse in time in the story between two books in a series. Sometimes it would be weeks or months and I always wondered what happened to the characters during those months. This is the reason why in each of my series so far the books pick up right after the previous one leaves off.

      I get the impression that you’re an avid reader yourself and was wondering if you have any book recommendations? I’ve recently read the Black Fleet Trilogy by Joshua Dalzelle and really enjoyed it. It’s more military science fiction. Currently I’m reading a couple of books. The Aeronauts Windlass, by Jim Butcher, Assassin’s Apprentice, by Robin Hobb, both of which I’m enjoying. Last year I read the Pines Trilogy by Blake Crouch, a thriller which I became aware of because of the TV show. I was surprisingly sucked into that trilogy despite the fact that reading books with a 1st person narrative isn’t really my cup of tea. Anyway if you have any book recommendations please let me know. I’m always looking for a good story to read myself.

      • Hey Ken,
        Being the tech wizard I am, I didn’t realize I had written my comment in two different forums. Geez
        I am an avid science fiction reader and have read all the series you mentioned.
        If you haven’t read the Honor Harrington books by David Weber I think you may really enjoy them. I sure did. I wish he would explore one of the species in the series. The Tree Cats fascinated me

        • Mr. Weber is one of my favorite authors. I first read his Dahak series(Mutineers Moon)and the Honor Harrington books. Dahak remains one of my favorite AI characters of any series. I enjoyed the early books of his Safehold series, but haven’t read the last two released in that series. I found Tree Cats interesting too and I really didn’t get how lethal Nimitz could be until Honor was ambushed…I can’t remember which book it was in, but the scene stuck with me. I always wondered if he was ever going to throw more aliens into the mix in the Honor Harrington series. If you think of any other recommendations let me know.

          • It’s an older series but fantastic! Dragonriders of Pern by Ann McCaffrey. Even though they are older they are such a good read. As a matter of fact it has been years since I’ve read them so I think I will put them on my list!

  10. Mr. Lozito,
    I just finished reading the 3rd book in your Ascension series. Fantastic writing and engaging characters and stories. I love this world you have built!

    Earlier this summer I also read your Safanarion Order series straight through (I even stopped reading a JD Robb book until I finished your series). Loved it! I hope I don’t offend you, but for me there was a feel of the old Star Wars Expanded Universe in the Sanfanarion Order and I want to say it was the best use I’ve seen of that “mystic fighter” in quite a long time.

    You are now on my must read list (when you have new material for me to read of course lol!).

    Thank you for your great writing, and the adventures you let me follow the characters on.

    • Hi Jim,

      Thank you I’m so glad you liked both series. I love the old Star Wars(And I remember when they first came out). I’m truly humbled by your praise and there are plenty more stories to come.

      Best Wishes,

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