Cast of Characters

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Aaron Jace – Heir of Shandara. Last scion of the Alenzar’seth. Son of Patrick and Carlowen Jace.

Reymius Alenzar’seth – Aaron’s grandfather. Husband to Cassandra. Father of Carlowen Jace.

Cassandra Alenzar’seth – Aaron’s grandmother. Wife to Reymius and mother to Carlowen Jace.

Patrick Jace – Father to Aaron and Tara Jace. Husband of Carlowen Jace.

Carlowen Jace – Mother of Aaron Jace. Wife of Patrick. Daughter of Reymius & Cassandra.

Tara Jace – Half sister to Aaron. Daughter of Patrick Jace.

Bronwyn – friend of Aaron.

Colind – Lord Guardian of the Safanarion Order. Friend of Reymius and Cyrus.

Tarimus – Son of Colind. Servant of Mactar. Formerly of the Safanarion Order.

Daverim Alenzar’seth – Father of Reymius. Ruler of Shandara. Among the first contact with the Hythariam race. Put barrier in place at Shandara to save Safanar from the Zekara (Hythariam Military).

Mactar – Allied with High King Amorak. Formerly of the Safanarion Order. Architected the fall of Shandara.

Darven – Former member of the Elite Order. Apprentice to Mactar. Was among those who murdered Aaron’s parents.

High King Amorak – Resides in Khamearra. Ruler of Safanar. Father of Sarah, Rordan, Primus, and Ty.

Sarah Faergrace – Daughter of High King Amorak of Khamearra. Eldest of Amorak’s children.

Rordan – High King Amorak’s eldest son. Twin brother to Primus.

Primus – High King Amorak’s son. Twin brother to Rordan.

Ty – High King Amorak’s youngest son.

Cyrus – Prince of the Waylands. Rules from Rexel. Uncle to Verona Ryder

Verona Ryder – Nephew to Prince Cyrus of Rexel. Loyal friend to Aaron.

Vaughn – Servant of Cyrus. Charged with watching over Verona.

Garret – Friend of Vaughn. Apprentice member of the Safanarion Order before the fall of Shandara. Travels with Verona.

Braden – Family closely aligned with the De’anjard, shields of Shandara. Brother of Eric. Warden of the De’anjard. Travels with Verona. Among the first to pledge their loyalty to Aaron as Shandara’s heir.

Eric – Family closely aligned with the De’anjard, shields of Shandara. Brother of Braden. Travels with Verona. Among the first to pledge their loyalty to Aaron as Shandara’s heir.

Sarik – 3rd son of a minor noble house in Rexel. Caught the attention of Verona and has traveled with him ever since.

Nathaniel Morgan – Airship Captain of the Raven.

Jopher Zamaridian – one of the many heirs to Zsensibar’s throne.

King Melchoir Nasim – Ruler of Zsensibar and father of Jopher.

Tolvar – Mysterious traveller of Safanar witness to a number of important events. Father of Armel. Chosen of Margret

Armel – Son of Tolvar.

Drake – Mysterious hunter of the Alenzar’seth line. Appeared on Safanar shortly before the fall of Shandara. Believed to have murdered Cassandra, Aaron’s grandmother.

Gerric – Elite Master and head of the Elitesmen order.

Nolan – District Captain in Khamearra

Isaac – Old Elitesman. Aids the Resistance in Khamearra

Bek – Old Elitesman. Watched over Sarah. Trained her as an Elitesman.

Nicolas – One of the leaders of the Resistance in Khamearra. Formerly of the De’anjard. Survivor of the fall of Shandara.

General Khoiron – Adviser and senior leader in Khamearra’s army.

Ryakul – Natural enemy of dragons. Controlled by the Drake.

Dragon – Legendary creature that has roamed Safanar long before humans made it their home.

Eldarin – Dragon lords of a higher order of intelligence. Capable to traversing different realms. Are both physical or energy beings. Allied with a sacred pact if the Ferasdiam Marked.

Ferasdiam Marked – Those marked by the Goddess Ferasdiam. Have capabilities and powers beyond that of ordinary men. Individuals marked by Ferasdiam have a bloody history and are called forth during times of great change. Ferasdiam Marked have been responsible for acts both good and evil.

Hythariam – Race of human like creatures from the world of Hytharia. Defining characteristics – tall, predominantly golden eyed, some have green eyes. Technologically advanced race of beings.

Safanar – A world where the human race resides in an alternate universe to Earth. Home of the Safanarions.

Hytharia – Home world to the Hythariams.

Hathenwood – small Hythariam city that they built after the fall of Shandara.

Iranus – Hythariam Scientist. One of the elected leaders of the Hythariam on Safanar. Father of Roselyn.

Roselyn – Hythariam Scientist. Was a little girl when she first came to Safanar. Daughter of Iranus.

Gavril – Colonel of the Hythariam military and is the most senior military Hythariam on Safanar. Fought in the civil war on Hytharia prior to the barrier being put up by Daverim Alenzar’seth.

Tanneth – Of the Hythariam race, but born on Safanar. Trained by Gavril. Specializes in covert operations and intelligence gathering.

Terselis – Hythariam ambassador that deals with kingdoms of Safanar.

Zekara – Dominate military faction to survive the collapse of the Hythariam civilization on Hytharia.

General Morag Halcylon – Leader of the Zekara. Ruthless general came into power during the collapse of the Hythariam civilization. His followers are extremely loyal to the point of fanaticism.

Ronan – Hythariam scientist with questionable loyalty.


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